The CPQ solution that helps you sell

Sales configuration based on your knowledge and your needs

Our easy-to-use and versatile software, Merkato, enables sellers of complex products or services to optimise and streamline their whole sales and order-intake process.

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Simple interface

Merkato has a simple, clear and very interactive user interface. All is structured such that your salesperson has the optimal user interface that shows exactly what is needed at that moment.

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Easy documentation

Supporting information such as specification sheets, drawings, movies, references and examples can easily be integrated into your product and sales configurator.

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Always up-to-date

Merkato is available in one version only: the last one! Improvements and updates are made available to all our users.
This way you always use the fastest and best version.

Enormous flexibility and an unprecedented short 'time to quote'

Once the most suitable product is linked to the customer, all technical and financial consequences are immediately visible. All customer-specific documents (e.g. the quotation, sales order and production order) are available right away, error-free and multilingual.

Merkato offers enormous flexibility and an unprecedented short 'time to quote'.

Our configurator live in action

The live preview below shows what a Merkato configurator can look like.
While using it you will notice that you cannot continue to the next section without completing the mandatory information in the current section. Some selections needs to be made in the menu on the left, while other options require confirmation in the picture on the right. When indicating particular functionality is required, the corresponding product is shown in the picture. The picture can be rotated to show from all angles the result of all options made.
Although configurators can be equipped with 2D/3D visuals, many do not need this. Often simple textual configurators show a better (online) performance while doing exactly what they're supposed to: guiding the user to the right selections and creating that winning quote!
This is to give you an example of how you can guide your sellers and buyers to follow the path that you want them to in order to get to the best engineered solution that corresponds to the buyer's needs in the fastest way. Anything is customisable and everything can be adapted, to make sure it responds to all your requirements.

What is CPQ?

Get an accurate price quote for any product configuration


By capturing the customer's needs, the system immediately indicates what the possibilities are, taking into account required products & components as well as variations and options. The result of the current selections can be visualised using 2D- & 3D-drawings and pictures.

Price, or Calculate

The technical and financial consequences of all selections made are calculated automatically. These outcomes and their pricing can be shown on-the-go and/or be kept in the background to be used in additional calculations.

Quote, or Document

All inputs and results can be used to prepare follow-up documents such as quotations, sales orders and production information like a bill of material with a snap of the finger (or just select the button, for that matter). All documents can be tailored to fully comply with your house style to impress their recipients.